Four Alabama counties receive funding from ADECA for domestic violence response units

Mobile County in Alabama has been awarded a grant by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs for its domestic violence response units. This grant is aimed at supporting the county’s efforts in addressing domestic violence issues.

ADECA has granted over $346,000 to support the establishment of domestic violence response units in Elmore, Chilton, Montgomery, and Mobile counties.

The main focus of these units is to thoroughly investigate and prosecute cases of domestic violence while also providing the necessary support and assistance to the victims involved.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey emphasized the importance of justice for victims of abuse, stating, “Victims of abuse need and deserve justice for the crimes committed against them.” She commended the dedicated professionals for their efforts in making communities safer by holding abusers accountable and providing assistance to victims.

The Mobile County Commission has been awarded two grants totaling $80,827 to enhance protection, monitoring, and training efforts in relation to domestic violence cases in Mobile County.

The Elmore County Commission has been awarded two grants amounting to $152,477. These grants will provide crucial support to the 19th Circuit Domestic Violence Unit, a collaborative effort involving prosecutors, victim service officers, and law enforcement agencies. The unit is dedicated to investigating and prosecuting domestic violence cases across Autauga, Chilton, and Elmore counties.

The Chilton County Commission received a grant of $60,000 to hire a victim advocate. This advocate will be responsible for training deputies, providing support to victims, and collecting data on domestic violence cases in the county.

ADECA allocated a sum of $70,730 to the Montgomery County Commission for the Violence Against Women Prosecution Unit. This unit not only handles the prosecution of cases but also offers victim services and advocacy for domestic violence cases in Montgomery County.

Funding for the grants was provided by the United States Department of Justice.

ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell expressed his gratitude for the funds, emphasizing their importance in maintaining the units as valuable resources for serving victims and enhancing community safety. Boswell further emphasized ADECA’s support for these essential services, aligning with Governor Ivey’s stance.

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