Fort Worth Drive-By Shooting: Brave 9-Year-Old Boy Narrowly Escapes Bullets

In an instant, his home comes under attack… and without hesitation, the boy swiftly throws himself onto the armrest before rushing to his mother’s room. His quick thinking and sharp instincts allow him to crouch down low and successfully evade any potential harm.

The situation inside was undoubtedly horrifying, but the events outside were equally distressing.

Six additional individuals sustained injuries in the incident. The victims’ ages ranged from 3 to 19 years old. Among them, a toddler suffered the most severe injury after being shot in a drive-by incident. Fortunately, her 6-year-old brother was also wounded but both of them survived and are currently in the process of recovering from their wounds.

It is absolutely terrifying to see the moment when these other youths were shot at, as it was captured on camera.

The 9-year-old, who narrowly escaped becoming a victim in this incident, expressed his heartbreaking response to the shooting. In an interview with FOX4, he said, “I felt relieved that I didn’t get hit, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for those children who were injured. It was a terrifying experience for me.”

According to law enforcement officials, they have obtained external surveillance footage that seems to depict an individual firing gunshots from the rear seat of a red Kia Soul.

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident. In response to the tragedy, the community has rallied together and launched two separate GoFundMe campaigns. One campaign is aimed at supporting the victims, while the other is specifically dedicated to helping the boy’s mother relocate to a safer neighborhood.

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