Former high school wrestler successfully restrains man accused of causing disturbance at Subway restaurant

During his lunch break, a former high school wrestler took immediate action when he witnessed a man verbally and physically abusing a Subway employee in Indianapolis.

Gabriel Pitzulo witnessed an alarming incident when he visited the E. Hanna Ave location for lunch on March 22. As he entered, he noticed a man hurling objects at the employee behind the counter and even spitting on her. Pitzulo shared his account with ABC affiliate WRTV.

He explained to WRTV that the way he was brought up, engaging in such activities was completely unacceptable. He added that this incident marked a turning point for him.

A man, who was later identified as 31-year-old Daniel Saunders, tried to leave the store, but Pitzulo, a former high school wrestler and football player, used his sports skills to tackle the suspect.

“I have been involved in combat sports for a considerable amount of time, which has made me quite skilled in controlling my opponents,” Pitzulo explained. “During the match, I was mindful of not causing him excessive harm.”

Pitzulo bravely pinned Saunders to the floor until law enforcement arrived and apprehended the suspect. The entire incident, including Pitzulo’s act of heroism, was captured on surveillance cameras.

According to police records, Saunders faced charges of battery causing injury, battery resulting in bodily harm, and disorderly conduct involving fighting or tumultuous behavior.

There is no available information about the attorney representing the suspect at the moment. According to police records, Saunders is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Aara Khan, the district manager for the Subway location, expressed gratitude for Pitzulo’s actions, according to WRTV.

Khan expressed gratitude that the situation did not escalate into something dangerous. He acknowledged that the individual happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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