Former DMV Couple Sentenced to Prison for Trafficking Guns Used in Criminal Activity

Mocobizscene – Federal officials have announced that the former couple responsible for trafficking numerous guns throughout the DMV region will be sentenced to several years in prison.

Gregory Bournes Jr., 31, of Lancaster, Virginia, and Dream Jackson, 30, of Georgia, were both sentenced in Washington, DC, for importing guns into the area and using them for criminal activities, including an attempted murder in Maryland.

Court documents reveal that between February 2021 and February 2022, Bournes and Jackson, who were in a romantic relationship during that period, collaborated to lawfully purchase firearms from dealers located in Georgia and Texas. These firearms were then transported to the DMV region with the intention of selling them for a profit.

According to prosecutors, Bournes and Jackson admitted as part of their guilty pleas that they were aware or had reason to believe that their actions would lead to firearms being obtained by individuals who are not allowed to possess them.

In March of last year, they were apprehended in Georgia and subsequently brought back to Washington DC to confront the charges against them.

According to officials, the majority of the weapons remain unaccounted for, and law enforcement agencies in the area are still actively working to locate and retrieve them.

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the police successfully discovered 34 firearms that had been illegally brought into the region. Shockingly, some of these weapons had been employed in various criminal activities, such as an armed carjacking in DC and an attempted murder in Prince George’s County.

In October, Bournes and Jackson both admitted their guilt to conspiring to commit an offense against the United States.

Bournes received a 30-month prison sentence, while Jackson will serve 27 months in jail.

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