Florida’s DeSantis vows to defy new Biden Title IX regulations

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) firmly declared on Thursday that his state will not adhere to the recently introduced amendments to Title IX by the Biden administration.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis strongly opposes President Biden’s efforts to revise Title IX. In a video shared on the social platform X, DeSantis firmly stated, “We will not comply, and we will fight back.” His words reflect the state’s firm stance against the proposed changes.

“We will not allow Joe Biden to force men to participate in women’s activities,” DeSantis emphasized. “We will not tolerate Joe Biden’s attempts to infringe upon the rights of parents, and we will not permit him to misuse his constitutional authority in order to impose these policies on the people of Florida.”

The Biden administration recently introduced a final set of revisions to Title IX, a federal civil rights law that addresses sex-based discrimination. These changes, which will come into effect in early August, aim to provide additional protections for transgender students under the law.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona stated that the final regulations further enhance the principles established by Title IX. These regulations aim to ensure that all students in our country have the opportunity to attend schools that prioritize their safety, provide a welcoming environment, and uphold their rights.

LGBTQ advocates have previously criticized DeSantis for enacting state laws that they argue have a negative impact on their community. One such law is the Don’t Say Gay law, which limits discussions about LGBTQ topics in Florida public schools.

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