Florida man arrested for kidnapping wife who disappeared in Spain

On May 7, Ana Knezevich Henao’s husband was apprehended at Miami International Airport by the FBI. Ana, a Florida resident who had been residing in Spain temporarily, had gone missing a few months prior.

According to an FBI spokesperson, David Knezevich, a 36-year-old man from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and originally from Serbia, is currently in federal custody for his suspected role in the kidnapping of his wife.

On Saturday, he was taken into custody and charged with kidnapping in relation to Knezevich Henao’s disappearance. There have been reports suggesting that the couple may have been in the process of getting a divorce after being married for 13 years.

According to her brother, Knezevich Henao, a 40-year-old naturalized American citizen from Colombia, “disappeared” on or around February 2 when she failed to meet a friend as scheduled. Since then, she has not been seen.

I sent a series of WhatsApp text messages to a friend around the time she allegedly disappeared, informing her that I had met someone. However, my friend was skeptical of this information.

“I just met someone amazing! He actually owns a summer house located around 2 hours away from Madrid. We’re heading there right now and I’ll be spending a few days there. The signal might be weak, but I’ll give you a call as soon as I get back,” revealed Sanna Rameau, a close friend of Knezevich Henao.

Knezevich later requested a woman he had met online to write the message on Feb. 3 “in perfect Colombian,” according to reports.

Rameau expressed his hope for obtaining some answers after being informed of Knezevich’s arrest during an interview with CNN.

Law enforcement has linked Knezevich to his wife’s disappearance on multiple occasions. Reports suggest that the couple had significant assets that could have been divided during their ongoing divorce proceedings.

Knezevich flew from Miami International Airport to Turkey on January 27. After landing in Istanbul, he traveled north to Belgrade and then left his native Serbia on January 30. However, he returned on February 5 after his wife supposedly had disappeared.

According to officials, the description of the suspect who vandalized the security cameras at the entrance and elevator of the luxurious Salamanca apartment building, where Knezevich Henao resided before her disappearance, matched that of her estranged husband. The spray paint cans used in the incident were also traced back to him.

It was also discovered that Knezevich had rented a car in Serbia, in eastern Europe, during the time his wife went missing. The rental car was traced to the same area where she was last seen. The dealer confirmed that the car had been driven for a long distance, suggesting a possible trip across Europe to Madrid.

The woman who confessed to writing the WhatsApp messages was unaware that she had done so. She reported the incident to the police after her mother stumbled upon an online article about Knezevich discussing his wife’s disappearance.

David Knezevich, a naturalized U.S. citizen, appeared in court on Monday, as reported by NBC News. During the initial court appearance, he was ordered to temporary pretrial detention.

The authorities are still actively investigating the disappearance of Knezevic Henao. The suspect, Knezevich, is scheduled for a pretrial detention hearing on Friday.

“The investigation is ongoing, with the Spanish National Police, Customs and Border Protection, the Diplomatic Security Service, and the FBI actively involved,” stated the FBI.

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