Florida Cop Arrests Uber Driver in Aggressive Manner by Dragging him Out of the Car

A police officer in Florida was caught on video forcefully pulling an Uber driver out of his car and handcuffing him for not having his insurance card. The shocking incident was captured on camera and shows the hostile behavior of the officer towards the driver.

On a Saturday, a motorist was seated in his ride-share vehicle at Miami International Airport with a passenger in the backseat, and that’s where it all started.

The driver’s window was open and a Miami-Dade police officer was asking him to provide his license, registration, and insurance information.

The driver was pulled over by a cop for obstructing traffic at the airport, and a passenger captured the interaction on camera using their phone.

Take a look at this… The officer demanded the driver’s documentation in an aggressive manner. In response, the driver asked for a moment to search for the requested items.

The driver’s attempt to explain his situation was met with hostility from the cop, who accused him of neglecting his safety responsibilities and failing to listen. In a rather condescending tone, the cop remarked, “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more than you speak.”

The officer’s tone escalated as he demanded the driver’s registration and insurance, making it clear that he was not tolerating any excuses. In response, the driver described the officer’s behavior as aggressive and the situation as abnormal.

The officer instructed him once more to surrender his insurance card, but the driver explained that he only had an electronic version, rather than a physical copy. This disagreement resulted in a physical altercation.

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The driver was forcefully pulled out of the front seat by the officer, who pressed him against the car and swiftly handcuffed him. The officer then proceeded to take the driver away from the scene.

According to police officials who spoke to a local Miami news outlet, WSVN, the Uber driver was detained for failing to comply with commands, but not arrested.

The Florida police department has recognized the validity of an electronic copy of an insurance card as proof. However, it’s unclear if any disciplinary action was taken against the officer involved in this incident.

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