Fiancée of Aaron Hernandez Criticizes Tom Brady Roast Jokes Regarding Deceased NFL Player

Aaron Hernandez was mentioned multiple times during Tom Brady’s roast, but not in a positive light. This has angered his former fiancée.

Shayanna Jenkins, the partner of the late Patriots star and mother of his child, expressed her disappointment with the Netflix program for making jokes at the expense of her deceased fiancé. She stated that it was disheartening to see his sad story being trivialized.

“It’s heartbreaking that I have to bring up my children in a world that can be so cruel,” she laments.

According to Shayanna, even though Aaron is no longer with us and there are numerous opinions surrounding his life, their 11-year-old daughter remains a significant part of their lives.

According to her, the fact that her daughter is entering her preteen years means that there is no doubt she will come across the hurtful comments made about her father on Sunday. These comments were made by a group of grown men who found amusement in his tragic death, which deeply saddened her daughter as she had always seen her father as her hero.

In summary, Shayanna firmly believes that Aaron should have been considered off-limits, but unfortunately, that was not the case.

Throughout the roast, Aaron was the subject of numerous jokes, both direct and indirect. Tom himself made references to Aaron. Comedian Nikki Glaser even made a joke about Aaron and a ring around his neck, while his former teammate Julian Edelman also made a hanging quip.

During these uncomfortable moments, there was a mix of awe and amusement. People couldn’t help but react with both gasps of wonder and bursts of laughter.

As many of you are aware, Aaron tragically ended his own life while in prison, following his conviction for murder.

During an appearance on Howard Stern’s show on Monday, Nikki discussed the controversial roast of the New England Patriots. Despite the negative reception, it seems that the jokes didn’t cross the line for Brady and his teammates. Nikki delved into the details of the roast, addressing what material was considered off-limits.

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