Father and son from Texas discover a message in a bottle on the shore and successfully locate the intended recipient.

A Texas father and son who enjoy treasure-hunting have stumbled upon their most valuable find yet.

On June 1, Markus Hogue and his 12-year-old son Gabriel were scouring Padre Island’s southern coast in search of seashells when they came across a mound of what seemed to be garbage. However, as they took a closer look, they noticed a bottle protruding from the heap.

According to USA TODAY, Hogue discovered a message in a bottle while he was out with his son searching for gifts for his girlfriend and mother. Initially, he mistook it for trash, but upon closer inspection, he realized it was a message in a bottle.

Upon laying eyes on the bottle, Gabriel’s mind immediately raced with the possibility of it containing a treasure map, due to the seahorse drawings adorning its surface.

Gabriel expressed his elation to USA TODAY, stating, “I was both surprised and overjoyed. The rush of excitement was overwhelming.”

Letter written by parents on a Mexico cruise

Upon opening the bottle, Hogue, aged 42, and his companions discovered that the letter inside was written in Spanish, despite the German appearance of the text.

The letter reads in Spanish, “I am sending you this message to let you know how much Mom and Dad love you. Daughter, I love you and never forget it.”

Initially, Hogue assumed that the letter was intended for a daughter who had passed away.

After making up his mind, he sent a message to the phone number mentioned in the letter, and within a mere 10 minutes, he received a response. To his disbelief, he found out that the person who replied was the person the letter was intended for, and she was very much alive.

According to Hogue, Keyla Collazo from Colorado Springs shared that her parents, residing in Waterbury, Connecticut, penned down a letter for her during their Mexico cruise last August since she couldn’t accompany them.

Callazo shared with USA TODAY that all they knew was that a bottle was thrown in the river, and they never expected it to gain so much attention. The incident has been surprising for Callazo and their children, who are still discussing it.

Collazo said the father and son could keep the letter

According to Collazo, she doesn’t have any issue with Hogue and his son holding onto the letter. Hogue has mentioned that he is willing to return it whenever the family requests it.

According to Hogue, he is currently in the process of getting the picture framed, along with other photos from the memorable beach trip he took with Gabriel.

Finding pieces of gold on treasure hunts is not a new experience for the father and son duo. However, according to Hogue, the letter they discovered holds a special place in their hearts.

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