Father and daughter killed in South LA crash by DUI suspect

On New Year’s Eve, a suspected DUI driver in an SUV jumped a stop sign and crashed with a 5-year-old child and her father’s automobile in South Los Angeles, killing them both.

At about 11:30 p.m., the family of four was almost at their destination when the tragedy happened. The 2-year-old sibling is in the pediatric intensive care unit, while the mother’s health is severe.

Before the collision, the SUV was speeding, driving carelessly, and blowing through several stop signs, according to witnesses and camera footage.

New Year's Eve crash: Mom dies days after dad, daughter are killed, 1-year-old in hospital

The SUV driver, who sustained injuries as well, may be charged with murder, according to the LAPD’s South Traffic Division, which verified that alcohol played a role in the collision.

The neighbourhood’s residents have asked for a stoplight installed at the intersection because they believe accidents occur frequently. Anyone with information is encouraged to get in touch with Crime Stoppers or the South Traffic Division, as police are actively looking for leads.

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