Family of Atlanta airman killed by fired deputy to speak out

The family of Roger Fortson, the airman from Atlanta who was tragically killed by a Florida deputy, will be speaking out about the deputy’s recent termination on Monday.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office terminated Deputy Eddie Duran on Friday following an internal investigation that concluded that his use of deadly force was not objectively reasonable and, as a result, violated agency policy.

Fortson’s family, along with their attorney, Ben Crump, have scheduled a news conference for 10 a.m.

According to Crump, Fortson was speaking to his girlfriend on FaceTime when he heard a forceful knocking on the door. He then grabbed his legally owned firearm and proceeded to open the door. It was at this moment that the deputy fired multiple shots at him.

In response to Duran’s termination, Crump issued the following statement on Friday:

“The termination of the officer responsible for the tragic death of Roger Fortson is a positive development, although it falls short of achieving complete justice for Roger and his loved ones. It is important to recognize that the deputy’s actions were not merely careless but also criminal. Our stance from the outset has been clear, and it is reassuring to hear Sheriff Aden reiterate today that Roger was an outstanding airman who posed no threat whatsoever that warranted being fatally shot in his own residence.”

The sheriff’s office confirmed that Mr. Fortson did not physically resist the deputy in any way and the investigation concluded that he did not point the gun in the former deputy’s direction.

Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden expressed his deep regret over the tragic incident, stating that it should never have happened. Aden emphasized that the objective facts do not justify the use of deadly force as a suitable response to Mr. Fortson’s actions, especially considering that he had not committed any crime. Aden also highlighted that Mr. Fortson was widely regarded as an outstanding airman and an exceptional individual.

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