Family Claims Elijah Deloach Murdered Just Weeks Before Graduation

The family members set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with the funeral costs. In their campaign, they described Deloach as a “heroic young man.”

Angela Yanni, the campaign organizer, expressed the sudden loss of Elijah due to gun violence and his remarkable bravery.

In a tragic turn of events, Elijah found himself in the midst of a domestic abuse situation, where his primary objective was to de-escalate the conflict and ensure the safety of the victim. However, during this courageous act, he was shot, leaving a devastating impact on everyone involved.

Philadelphia police suspect that Kione Gary, a 23-year-old individual, shot Deloach at an apartment on Henry Avenue in Roxborough.

According to authorities, Gary was engaged in a “domestic altercation” with his girlfriend that quickly turned physical. In response to the situation, his girlfriend reached out to her mother and sisters, who promptly arrived at the apartment accompanied by Deloach and another individual, as stated by the PPD.

Police confirmed on Thursday that there was no evidence suggesting that Mr. Gary was attacked by Mr. Deloach or any other male.

Gary faces charges of murder and other related offenses.

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