Explosion leaves 10 people in severe or critical condition as house collapses

On Tuesday night, a destructive explosion occurred at the residence of a large family in Syracuse, New York. This unfortunate incident has left 10 people in severe or critical condition.

According to Syracuse Fire Chief Michael Monds, approximately 50 firefighters rushed to 205 Carbon Street at 4 p.m. ET after detecting a powerful gas scent. Upon arrival, they discovered a collapsed structure with a vehicle trapped beneath it. This incident was reported by reporters on Tuesday.

According to Monds, several individuals were discovered scattered throughout the structure. Emergency personnel transported a total of 13 individuals to the hospital, with 10 of them being transported by ambulance, as stated by Monds during the press conference.

According to the chief, six individuals were discovered outside of the building, all of whom had experienced burn and crush injuries.

Upon investigating the scene, authorities discovered a young child inside the car adjacent to the structure, while three other individuals were located in empty spaces within the structure.

According to the chief, 95% of the home was searched on Tuesday night by the authorities.

It is believed by the authorities that all individuals have been identified and located.

During a press conference, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh stated that the home was occupied by a family of seven, with an additional family of six visiting at the time of the incident.

As per the mayor’s statement, the home has no existing code violations. Authorities are currently conducting an interview with the landlord.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion and plan to resume their investigation in the morning, according to Monds.

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National Grid swiftly arrived at the location to ensure that there were no gas leaks and is currently collaborating with firefighter investigators to identify the reason behind the collapse. According to a spokesperson from the utility company, there were no indications of any gas leaks prior to the home collapse.

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