Explosion in Minnesota mobile home results in 2 fatalities and extensive damage

Authorities have stated that an explosion at a mobile home in central Minnesota resulted in the tragic loss of two lives on Tuesday.

According to the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office, a double-wide mobile home in Princeton experienced an explosion at 3:54 a.m. CDT. The explosion was so powerful that it could be heard more than 23 miles away, as reported by the Star-Tribune.

According to Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Evenson, the single-family residence seemed to have exploded, resulting in a significant amount of debris spread across the area. Additionally, some of the debris was on fire.

According to WCCO-TV, a dog was also discovered deceased at the location, in addition to the couple.

Stuart Bryan, the owner of the mobile home, expressed that he had never encountered any issues with the residence.

Bryan enthusiastically described the explosive impact, saying, “And suddenly, it just bursts into pieces,” as he shared with the Star-Tribune.

According to Bryan, they had been residing in the mobile home for almost five years.

Bryan expressed his admiration for the exceptional care that was taken of the place, stating, “He was fantastic. He made sure the place was well-maintained, even better than if I had been living there.”

According to KARE, Evenson informed reporters that upon arrival at the scene, first responders noticed a significant propane tank actively venting. He clarified that these tanks are equipped with a safety valve that automatically opens when they reach high temperatures.

According to the television station, the sheriff reported that the fuel was ablaze and shooting up to 30 yards into the air. However, he refrained from declaring it as the definitive cause of the explosion, stating that it was currently under investigation.

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