Exploring the March Blizzard of 1993: A Look Back at the ‘Storm of the Century’

Over three decades have passed since a devastating, prolonged blizzard ravaged the Tri-State area.

Dubbed as the “Storm of the Century,” this catastrophic weather event gained notoriety for its unmatched intensity and impact.

A powerful storm started brewing in the Gulf of Mexico on March 12, 1993, before making its way up the East Coast. Over the course of several days, the region experienced heavy snowfall, hurricane-like winds, and thunderstorms.

The recent storm brought heavy snowfall to the Northeast, with upstate New York experiencing over 40 inches of snow. One remarkable record was set in Syracuse, where an incredible 35.4 inches of snow fell within a single day. This extraordinary snowfall established a new all-time 24-hour snowfall record, as reported by the NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

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