European Commission suggests implementing grain tariffs on Russia and Belarus

On March 22, the European Commission put forward a proposal that suggests levying tariffs on grain from Russia and Belarus. However, this proposal would not have any impact on the export of grain to other countries.

The tariffs aim to stabilize the European Union market, combat the illegal appropriation of grain from occupied Ukraine, and prevent Russia from using grain revenue from the EU to fund its ongoing military assault on Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen issued a statement expressing the proposal to impose tariffs on Russian imports. The objective behind this action is to address the increasing risk posed to the markets and farmers within the EU. By implementing these tariffs, the aim is to limit Russia’s ability to exploit the European Union for the benefit of its war efforts. It is essential to note that this decision aligns with the commitment to safeguard global food security, particularly for developing nations.

Following the EU’s decision to renew tariff-free access to the EU market for Ukrainian farm products, this action has been taken.

The agreement extends the temporary halt on import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural products until June 5, 2025.

Belarus has been included in the proposed tariffs by the European Commission due to its strong ties to Russia and its permission for Russian troops to stage there for the invasion of Ukraine.

By implementing these measures, it would effectively hinder Russia’s ability to bypass the newly imposed tariffs through the utilization of Belarus.

The European Commission expressed in a statement its unwavering resolve to defend its values and founding principles, as well as its strong support for Ukraine and its people. Despite more than two years having passed since the start of Russia’s full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine, Europe remains united in its commitment. The EU will continue to provide robust assistance to Ukraine’s economy, society, armed forces, and future reconstruction for as long as necessary.

The European Commission has stated that grain goods such as cereals, oilseeds, and other products being transported from Russia and Belarus to third countries will remain unaffected by the newly imposed tariffs.

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