Elephant in Zambia kills second U.S. woman this year

According to local officials, a woman from New Mexico who was on a visit to Zambia was trampled and fatally injured by an elephant on Wednesday. This tragic incident marks the second time this year that such an attack has occurred in the country.

According to officials, Tourneau was among a group of individuals who had halted their journey in the vicinity of the Maramba Cultural Bridge because of the elephant herd causing traffic.

According to Southern Province Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka, 64-year-old Juliana Gle Tourneau from New Mexico, United States of America, passed away on Wednesday at approximately 5:50 pm. She was hit by a parked car that had stopped due to traffic caused by elephants near the Maramba Cultural Bridge. The commissioner shared this information with Zambian national broadcaster, ZNBC.

According to family members, Gail Mattson, a 79-year-old from Minnesota, lost her life in the attack. Rona Wells shared on Facebook that her mother passed away in a “tragic accident” while on her long-awaited adventure.

A heart-wrenching cellphone video captured the attack. Tourists shot the clip, which starts inside an open safari vehicle while on a game drive.

As the camera pans out, a magnificent bull elephant can be spotted approaching the vehicle from a distance. Although the occupants of the vehicle remain out of sight, the audio accompanying the video reveals their reactions as they witness the majestic creature. A voice exclaims, “Oh my goodness,” followed by a man’s voice stating, “It’s coming fast.”

As the vehicle comes to a halt, the game ranger’s voice can be heard attempting to verbally deter the approaching elephant. However, the massive pachyderm latches onto the vehicle with its tusks and proceeds to roll it over several times.

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The authorities in Zambia have issued a warning to tourists to be extremely careful when observing wildlife throughout the country. It is important for visitors to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings while enjoying the natural beauty of Zambia.

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