Easter Brings Lower Egg Prices in Louisiana

If you’re planning on dyeing Easter eggs this year, there’s some good news for you: prices have significantly dropped.

According to Avery Davidson, a spokesperson for the Louisiana Farm Bureau, the price of eggs has seen a significant decrease. In fact, the average cost of a dozen eggs in the southern region has dropped from $4.17 last year to $2.71 this year.

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Davidson mentioned that the prices of eggs have been increasing slightly due to the growing demand. Currently, consumers can expect to pay between $2.89 and $3.40 for a dozen eggs.

The good news is that the current prices are slightly lower than they were two years ago, when we were paying anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 per dozen.

According to Davidson, the repercussions of the devastating avian influenza outbreak from the previous year still persist.

Davidson explained that the prices are not as low as they were two years ago because of the combination of supply and demand dynamics along with inflation.

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According to Davidson, it is important to remember that farmers are still facing low profits, even though we are currently paying $2.89 to $3.40 per dozen this Easter.

According to Davidson, the farmer receives only about $.08 for every dollar spent by the consumer. The remaining amount is used to cover transportation, marketing, and packaging expenses.

Consumers are faring much better than they were last year, at least when it comes to this particular commodity. In January 2023, the average price for a dozen eggs in Louisiana soared to nearly $5.00.

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