Driver Killed as Car Smashes Barrier at White House

The Secret Service is currently investigating a tragic incident involving a car crashing into a barrier at the White House. This unexpected event caused agents and D.C. police to respond swiftly.

Late Saturday night, around 10:45, a speeding car collided with one of the outer perimeter gates surrounding the White House grounds.

Officers from the Metropolitan PD quickly responded to the incident, but they were not alone. Secret Service agents swiftly arrived at the scene as well, encircling the silver sedan that had collided forcefully with the concrete barrier.

Law enforcement officials affirm that agents and officers made efforts to administer medical assistance to the driver of the vehicle, but unfortunately, the driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident involving the person who crashed into the White House security barrier is currently being investigated by the D.C. police as a traffic accident.

According to TMZ, the Secret Service has stated that there are no apparent indications that the driver intentionally targeted the White House. However, they are currently conducting a comprehensive investigation to identify the individual responsible for the incident.

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