Dozens arrested at Yale University as riot police intervene in pro-Palestine demonstration

A pro-Palestinian protest at Yale University took a tumultuous turn as police in riot gear stormed the campus, leading to the arrest of at least 45 individuals.

According to the student newspaper, Yale Daily News, the arrests occurred when approximately 200 pro-Palestine protestors assembled on campus to demand that Yale divest from military weapons manufacturers.

For the past three days, the protestors have set up camp on Beinecke Plaza, situated on the university’s campus.

According to the student paper, protestors were initially warned by police officers about the potential of being arrested if they did not disperse. Subsequently, individuals, including students, were handcuffed and taken into custody.

Several individuals who were taken into custody were transported via Yale University shuttle buses. It was reported by the Yale Daily News that journalists from the publication were also warned of potential arrest unless they relocated from the plaza.

In a video posted on X, protesters can be seen locking arms around a flag pole while police officers arrive on the campus during the demonstration.

The protestors filled the air with their voices, singing the powerful words of “We shall not be moved.” Meanwhile, the officers diligently inspected the numerous tents scattered across the plaza and maintained a strong presence at the campus entrances.

According to reports, protesters were heard chanting slogans such as “We will free Palestine within our lifetime” and “Books not bombs.”

According to the Yale Daily News, the protestors are facing charges of first-degree trespassing.

In an email sent to students on Sunday, Yale president Peter Salovey expressed his concern regarding the ongoing demonstrations at the school. He made it clear that the university will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior and will take disciplinary actions as per its policies.

According to the author, some of the students involved in the protests, both those supporting and opposing the cause, have been peaceful in their actions. However, there have been instances of disturbing behavior, including intimidation, harassment, pushing people in crowds, removing the plaza flag, and other harmful acts.

According to the spokesperson, Yale University maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any actions or remarks that pose a threat, harass, or intimidate members of the Jewish, Muslim, and other communities.

Last week in New York, the NYPD detained over 100 protesters who were participating in a similar protest at Columbia University. This incident has now been followed by the current demonstration at Harvard University.

Police forcefully entered the campus and apprehended over 100 individuals after student activists demanded the university to divest from companies involved in genocide. The protest camp was dismantled, but the demonstrators wasted no time in rebuilding it the very next day.

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, was among those who were arrested. Subsequently, she faced suspension from the university.

Isra Hirsi, an organizer for Columbia University’s Apartheid Divest group, confidently stated on X that throughout her three years at @BarnardCollege, she has never faced any reprimands or disciplinary warnings.

“I’ve just been informed that I, along with two other students, have been suspended for showing support to Palestinians who are currently enduring a genocide.”

She expressed, “We, the members of Gaza Solidarity Encampment, will not be swayed by intimidation. We will remain steadfast until our demands are fulfilled.”

“We are demanding that Columbia University divests from companies that are complicit in genocide, and that they provide full transparency regarding their investments. Additionally, we are calling for amnesty to be granted to all students who have faced repression.”

According to the police, a total of 108 individuals, including Ms. Hirsi, were accused of trespassing at the prestigious Ivy League school. Additionally, two individuals faced charges of obstructing government administration.

On Monday, Columbia made an announcement stating that classes would be conducted virtually. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff were requested to refrain from visiting the campus whenever possible.

Tensions have escalated in various educational institutions and workplaces in the United States following the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7th. Israel responded with a military operation against Hamas in Gaza, resulting in the unfortunate loss of numerous innocent Palestinian lives.

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