Doberman Protects Baby Who Escapes, Amusingly Judges Mother

Tina Meeks is a mother of four children, consisting of two sons and two daughters. The youngest one is still in diapers and is in the crawling stage. Despite initial concerns from her eldest son about how the new baby would affect his life, he has grown to adore his baby sister. However, the second son is not always thrilled with his little sister. Despite this, the family as a whole appears to be content and is adapting well to having a crawling baby in the house. Although Mila has not started walking yet, she is able to stand up and reach the door handle, which has led the family dog to feel the need to protect her.

Cinnamon, the family Doberman, immediately springs into protective mode as the baby, Mila, crawls towards the open door. Mom, who is recording the scene, remains close by to ensure the baby’s safety. The dog keeps casting glances at Mom, seemingly questioning her, “Are you seeing this?” There is a hint of disapproval in the dog’s gaze, as if she is silently asking, “Why are you allowing this? Will you intervene?” Both Mom and the dog attentively observe as Mila ventures through the doorway.

As soon as the baby stepped through the doorway, Cinnamon sprang into action. With agility, she gracefully leaped over the small baby bottom before redirecting her attention towards guiding the child back inside. As Cinnamon diligently safeguarded the baby, disapproving glances were cast towards Mom.

Now, let the herding commence, but before that, let’s take a quick look at Mom, who is still keeping an eye on us!

Mila quickly retreated back inside, realizing that there was no way she could elude Cinnamon’s vigilant gaze. With the baby safely indoors, the loyal dog remained on guard, pacing back and forth in front of the door. It’s worth mentioning that after the family became aware of Mila’s ability to reach the door handle, they took precautions by locking it to prevent any further escape attempts.

The comments on the TikTok video showed support for both the mom and the dog. One person even suggested an edited version with a voice-over to convey the dog’s thoughts, and Tina gladly provided this rendition. It’s worth noting that Mila recently turned one year old, so her adventures are just starting.

Tina’s refreshing perspective on family life is a breath of fresh air. Despite the challenges that come with raising children, Tina and her husband manage to make it enjoyable. To keep up with the ongoing adventures of this modern family, you can find Tina on Instagram and TikTok, as well as read her blog, HER Life Sparkles.

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