DJ from Atlantic City Receives Prison Sentence for Involvement in Capitol Riot

Mocobizscene-  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a DJ from Atlantic City who traveled to Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, to participate in the Trump rally on the National Mall and subsequently entered the U.S. Capitol building with his father, has been sentenced to 45 days in prison.

Atlantic City Man Gets Prison Time for Role in Capitol Riot

James Rahm III, also known as JD Rahm, admitted his guilt in October for obstructing law enforcement during a civil disorder.

In October 2022, Doug Rahm, Rahm’s father, was found guilty of all charges and is currently awaiting an appeal of his case. He could potentially face one year in prison, but for now, he remains free.

JD Rahm accompanied his father to witness the event and captured it on his Go-Pro camera. However, little did he know that the very video he posted on Twitter would eventually lead to his arrest by the FBI.

In an astonishing moment captured on video, JD Rahm exclaimed, “Oh, my f— God, we just stormed the Capitol,” moments before he entered the building, as per court documents.

Who is JD Rahm?

According to Rahm’s lawyer, he is portrayed as a “perfectly well-behaved young man”. Rahm’s background includes a Catholic school education, active participation in his church choir in Atlantic City, and regular involvement in charitable activities such as serving in food kitchens and volunteering with the Boy Scouts.

JD Rahm mentioned in his testimony that he went to Holy Spirit High School in Absecon and completed his graduation from La Salle University in 2017. Currently, he resides in Atlantic City with his mother.

Rahm, during his testimony, revealed his current occupation as a DJ. According to him, being a DJ is his primary focus. He also mentioned his recent involvement in various delivery services like Grub Hub and Shipt.

The Impact of These Charges on Rahm

JD Rahm informed the judge that he had already endured significant consequences for his misdemeanor offense during the U.S. Capitol riot.

In a heartfelt letter to the judge, he expressed the profound impact that the ban on major social media platforms has had on his DJ career, which he had worked tirelessly to build over the years. Years of networking and promotional efforts were wiped away, leaving him facing a significant setback.

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