Discover the culinary offerings at Buc-ee’s in Florida: Our road trip to indulge in their delicious food

When it comes to the Buc-ee’s experience, the highlight is undoubtedly its food offerings. The menu is centered around delectable barbecue options, tantalizing snacks, and a selection of unique, in-house creations.

We embarked on a road trip to one of Buc-ee’s South Carolina locations to experience and savor 16 of their most renowned and sought-after culinary delights.

These are our favorite picks, ranked from the best to the less impressive.

Buc-ee’s expansion in Florida: Our road trip to uncover the hype

Paddle tail

The paddle tail, much like Buc-ee’s, is a multi-faceted delight. Resembling the irresistible Honey-Bun, this delectable treat is not sticky, but instead boasts a flaky and crispy texture. It is delicately dusted with cinnamon sugar and adorned with a thin drizzle of icing. With every bite, it evokes images of the perfectly crispy edges of churros, the flakiness of a croissant, and even the chewy goodness of a morning bun. If anyone dares to ask for a piece, kindly remind them to procure their own, for this paddle tail is simply too good to share.

Chopped brisket sandwich

According to Buc-ee’s pitmaster, the top-selling sandwich at their establishment is the chopped brisket sandwich, surpassing even the sliced brisket option. While the sliced brisket may appeal to purists, it is the chopped brisket sandwich that truly allows Buc-ee’s to showcase their expertise. Similar to a chopped pork sandwich that combines the finest muscles from a smoked shoulder, the chopped brisket sandwich skillfully blends the perfect amount of fat and lean meat to achieve a superior barbecue experience.

The focus in these bites is purely on flavor, rather than smoke rings or bark. The brisket is openly chopped, then generously coated in a delightful sweet and tangy sauce, making it perfect for sandwich creations. The beef itself is wonderfully rich, with just the right amount of fat, and it delivers a satisfying smoky essence. Although it may seem unconventional, the chopped brisket undeniably takes the crown as the ultimate winner.

Beaver chips

Housemade chips can often be a hit or miss. It’s challenging to create a standout potato chip that surpasses the countless options available at gas stations and grocery stores. However, Buc-ee’s has managed to achieve just that with their remarkable creation called “Beaver chips.” These delectable chips are stored in the heated area alongside barbecue sandwiches, ensuring they are always warm and ready to be enjoyed.

These chips have a satisfying crunch and a salty flavor that surpasses your initial expectations when you first reach for them. They are so addicting that you might even find yourself finishing the entire bag before you even make it to the checkout counter, especially if you’ve been wandering around the store for a while.

Sliced brisket sandwich

Making a perfect brisket is no easy task; in fact, it’s one of the most challenging things to achieve in the world of barbecue. When it comes to sliced brisket, there’s simply nowhere to hide imperfections. For those who are barbecue purists and want to gauge how Buc-ee’s compares to the best, the go-to choice is the sliced sandwich. This delectable creation consists of strips of the lean brisket flat, generously topped with a touch of Buc-ee’s renowned barbecue sauce.

The juicy brisket nestled between the buns boasts a delightful tenderness and a satisfying chew. Its slices are expertly arranged, resembling a stack of perfectly aligned roofing shingles. The smoky flavor is undeniably present, complemented by the impeccably balanced seasoning. However, the sauce does slightly mask any potential dryness. While enjoying this delectable brisket, you might find yourself yearning for the unparalleled richness and succulence of the finest cuts. Nevertheless, take a moment to reminisce about that unforgettable $8.50 brisket sandwich you once savored at a gas station in South Carolina. Chances are slim that you’ll find a rival to surpass its excellence.


This smoked turkey breast stands out from the other barbecue options with its thick-cut slices. It can be enjoyed both sliced or chunked, served on a bun and topped with the same sweet sauce used for the brisket and pork. The turkey is moist and tender, with a well-seasoned flavor that leans towards the salty side. Personally, I’ve never had any complaints about that.


I couldn’t resist the allure of a warm nut. At Buc-ee’s, there are two machines tirelessly spinning, heating up pecans and almonds, enveloping the surroundings with the tantalizing aroma of toasted sugar and nuts. I opted for the pecans, which were expertly spiced and candied. They would have been delicious even if they weren’t warm, but the warmth added an extra level of indulgence that made it impossible for me to stop devouring them. And so, I happily continued to indulge in their irresistible warmth.

Double Chocolate Brownie

These brownies are absolutely amazing. They are tightly sealed, almost as if they were bought from a small bake sale rather than a large gas station. They have a dense and fudgy texture that will have you scraping the plastic wrapper to savor every last bite.

Sausage on a stick

I have a weakness for any food on a stick, perhaps due to my countless visits to the North Carolina State Fair. Buc-ee’s takes this concept to the next level by offering a delicious foot-long smoked sausage, creatively wrapped in a tortilla. It’s a delightful combination that adds convenience and charm to an already enjoyable culinary experience. If you’re a fan of smoked sausages, you’ll definitely appreciate this handheld version.

Pulled pork

Pork may reign supreme in the Carolinas, but at Buc-ee’s, it takes a backseat. While gas station brisket may not be a common find in North Carolina, you’ll be delighted to know that smoked pork is readily available. The flavor of pork served at Buc-ee’s will be both familiar and satisfying.

The barbecue is generously coated in sauce, with tender pulled pieces and a few charred ends for added flavor. While it may not adhere to the traditional styles of eastern or western Carolina barbecue, and it may not compare to the quality of fire company dinners, it is still a good choice for those who prefer not to eat beef.

Steak and cheese burrito

I opted for the burrito called the Texas cheesesteak, which was filled with cheese, peppers, and slices of beef. Buc-ee’s serves up enormous grab-and-go burritos that come wrapped in a deliciously chewy flour tortilla. Inside, you’ll find a generous portion of steak, peppers, and cheese that are perfectly balanced. To top it off, I added a dollop of salsa verde from the salsa bar.

Beaver nuggets

Buc-ee’s is most famous for its iconic snack, the Beaver nuggets. These delectable treats are caramel-coated corn puffs that offer a unique blend of flavors. Think of them as a delightful combination of kettle corn and Cheetos, minus the cheese, of course. With a variety of flavors to choose from, the classic Beaver nuggets truly stand out.

Buc-ee’s is known for its mouthwatering combination of sweet and salty flavors, and their nuggets have become a cult favorite. Personally, I have a soft spot for the “Bold & Spicy” variety, as it offers a delightful tingle rather than an overpowering heat. These nuggets perfectly satisfy my cravings during road trips, making them an ideal choice for any snack lover.


The jerky bar at Buc-ee’s is a wide section, spanning approximately 15 feet, filled with stacks of dried beef available in over a dozen enticing flavors. I must confess, I made an error in judgment. At the jerky bar, customers have the option to order as little as one piece of jerky. Believing I had found a clever way to sample a variety of flavors without spending much money, I chose to order a single piece. However, to my surprise, some of the jerky strips were enormous, resulting in a hefty price tag of $7.65 for a single strip that was as long as my forearm.

At Buc-ee’s, you have the opportunity to sample any flavor you desire. I had the chance to try out four different flavors that caught my attention, including their renowned Bohemian Garlic.

    • Cherry maple: This one is sticky and candy-colored, brightly sweet but in balance with the salty beef.
    • Honey jalapeno: There’s nothing from the outside suggesting the fire within this jerky, but it’s excellent and spicy, with a hint of a sweet note.
    • Korean BBQ: Cherry red from the gochujang and sprinkled with sesame seeds, you’d think there would be more flavor here, but none of the spicy, sweet of Korean barbecue comes through.
    • Bohemian Garlic: This jerky bears Texas Czech influence in its name and is addictively well seasoned, though not particularly garlicky.

In case you’re wondering, the jerky in the sealed bags at Buc-ee’s has a more tender and enjoyable texture compared to the strips from the jerky bar.

Jalapeño Kolache

Kolaches, a delicious treat hailing from the Texas Czech tradition, are a specialty at Buc-ee’s. These stuffed breads are typically filled with savory sausages, and I couldn’t resist trying the jalapeño variety. The bread itself has a delightful hint of sweetness, which perfectly complements the spiciness of the sausage. Adding to its charm, each kolache is adorned with a single slice of roasted jalapeño, baked into the dough. While the flavors are delightful, it may benefit from a touch more sausage or perhaps the addition of cheese to strike a better balance, as the bread component can be a bit dominant.


The focal point of the enormous gas station is the Buc-ee’s fudge counter. They take pride in creating their own fudge with a wide variety of flavors to choose from. I had the opportunity to try two flavors: chocolate and salted caramel. Both were incredibly indulgent and creamy, striking the perfect balance without overwhelming the palate. The fudge had a velvety texture, avoiding any grittiness that could detract from the overall enjoyment of each bite.

Chocolate chip cookies

If you already have a favorite store-bought cookie, these cookies may not be able to change your mind as they lean more towards the crunchy side of the cookie spectrum.

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