Did Governor Kay Ivey Report Woman to DHR Over TikTok Video?

Imagine receiving a response from a public official where they inform you that they have reached out to the Department of Human Resources (DHR) regarding your matter.

In a viral TikTok video, an Alabama woman shared her experience of writing a heartfelt letter to Governor Kay Ivey. The woman passionately expressed her concerns about the challenges faced by middle-class families in Alabama and the extent of their struggles.

“I reached out to Governor Kay Ivey about a month ago to raise awareness about the challenges the middle class is facing,” the woman on TikTok shared, as she began her video.

She proceeded to read a letter she had received from the governor’s office.

The woman shared that in the letter, she was informed by the sender that the Department of Human Resources (DHR) was available to assist her in placing her child in foster care or for adoption. She further read from the letter, stating that the sender had reported her to DHR after she expressed concerns about her financial situation.

Residents in Alabama have access to a range of essential services provided by DHR, including adult protective services, child protective services, family assistance, and food assistance, among others.

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“I don’t qualify for 90% of the programs listed, that’s the point,” said Governor Kay Ivey, who has no children. Her TikTok video has been viewed over 248 thousand times and has received more than 29 thousand likes.

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