Deputy killed by gunman after altercation with pizza worker over incorrect order

Authorities in Houston are currently conducting a manhunt for the perpetrator who ambushed and fatally shot an on-duty deputy overnight.

During a press conference, Chief Deputy Mike Lee of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that the events started shortly after 10 p.m. on Wednesday when deputies were called to a Little Caesars pizza shop to respond to an aggravated assault.

Early Thursday, Lee expressed his dismay over the senseless incident, recounting how the suspect had entered the establishment to collect the pizza he had previously ordered.

According to Lee, the order was incorrect and it left him feeling upset.

According to Lee, the employee was reportedly subjected to verbal abuse by the suspect who then proceeded to attack them with a gun, hitting them with the weapon before escaping the scene.

Lee stated that the getaway car was identified by the Little Caesars employee based on its make and model, color, and license plate number.

According to Lee, the suspect’s car was spotted by Deputy Fernando Esqueda. Esqueda promptly informed one of the other detectives about his sighting through a phone conversation.

According to Lee, Esqueda was taken to the hospital by other detectives, but unfortunately, he passed away due to his injuries.

According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the department had a five-year veteran who was 28 years old.

According to Lee, he belonged to a highly exclusive team, the violent individuals task force.

In a heartfelt message on social media, the sheriff expressed his shock and devastation at the sudden and unexpected death. “None of us can ever be fully prepared for such a tragic loss, and our members are in desperate need of your prayers and support during this difficult time,” he stated. He added that his thoughts were with the family of the deceased, who were grappling with the devastating news. The sheriff also assured the public that an active investigation was underway to identify and capture the perpetrator responsible for the heinous crime, and that the department would not rest until justice was served.

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According to Lee, the suspect’s identity is already known to investigators, and the department is confident that they will apprehend him soon.

According to Lee, the recent killing has left people on edge in the Houston area. This comes at a time when over a million residents are still without power in the state following Hurricane Beryl’s impact earlier this week.

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