Denver official advises migrants to go to NYC, cautioning that staying would lead to more suffering.

According to footage that has reportedly been obtained, a Denver official recently advised new migrants in the city to consider relocating to New York or other cities in the United States. The official warned that if they chose to stay in Denver, they would “suffer even more.”

In a video obtained by 9 News and aired over the weekend, city worker Andres Carrera addressed a group of migrants staying inside a shelter, expressing that Denver lacks the resources to support them. He emphasized that the opportunities for assistance have come to an end.

Carrera, in a heartfelt speech delivered in Spanish, reassured the group that their journey was far from over. “We won’t impede your stay here. I want you to know that,” she empathetically stated, offering hope to those who had reached Denver on March 26.

“I don’t want to see you suffer even more if you stay here.”

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According to a clip from 9 News, Carrera, the city’s communication liaison, mentioned that the city had received an overwhelming number of migrants, which resulted in a depletion of resources.

Instead, the mayor extended an opportunity to migrants to board a city-funded bus and travel to various destinations, including the bustling city of New York, which has also faced challenges in accommodating a large influx of migrants.

Carrera, who is also the political director for Mayor Mike Johnston, emphasized that both New York and Chicago offer more opportunities. He suggested considering Chicago as it provides longer-term shelter and a greater number of job opportunities.

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Carrera allegedly assured the group, “You don’t need to worry about walking or transportation costs. We can provide you with a complimentary ticket to any city you desire. We can even take you as far as the Canadian border.” However, the city clarified that their assistance would only extend to transporting migrants near the northern border, and not crossing it.

Denver shelters have been providing temporary housing for individual migrants for a period of two weeks and for migrant families with children for a duration of six weeks. However, due to potential budget cuts, these shelters are forced to release the migrants after their designated stay, as reported by the station.

For over a year, major cities across the nation have been grappling with an overwhelming influx of individuals crossing the border.

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