Death of ‘Teddy Bear with Kind Heart’ on Property in NJ Town Leaves Community in Grief

Joey Luchetti was a familiar name to anyone hailing from Andover.

The individual behind the wheel of the Joe Veg trucks was easily recognizable by the large, silver cross necklace adorning their neck.

With a personality that’s larger than life itself.

According to local authorities, a 60-year-old lifelong resident of Andover passed away on Friday, May 31st after his 1963 Pontiac swerved off Yates Avenue.

Joe Pepe, a friend of 40 years from Fredon, revealed that the incident happened on the late actor’s personal property. “That’s how close to home he was,” Pepe said.

Joe Veg was a well-known resident of Luchetti Way, which was named after his mother, Fannie Luchetti, who had previously served as the township’s mayor. Among Joe’s neighbors were his sister, Nancy, a few cousins, and his late brother, Mike, who passed away due to cancer.

The unexpected passing of Luchetti has left the entire community in a state of disbelief and shock.

According to the spokesperson of the volunteer fire department, the late individual was a remarkable person with a heart of gold. He possessed a great personality and sense of humor, and was a lovable friend to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

The Band of Brothers motorcycle club is known for its charitable ways, and Luchetti, a beloved member, was often compared to a teddy bear due to his friendly and approachable nature.

According to his loved ones, it is not surprising that he had altruistic tendencies.

According to Pepe, the late Mr. X was an incredibly generous person. Pepe’s wife attested to this, sharing that Mr. X would even allow people to bring their children over to his pool, regardless of whether he was present or not. He also made donations of his produce to the Andover Fire House and assisted in selling tickets. In addition, he lent money to individuals over the years, demonstrating his selflessness and kindness towards others.

“I am simply a person with a joyful heart,” is how I would describe myself.

According to those who knew him, he never expected anything in exchange for his actions.

Daily Voice spoke with Tim Trudgeon, who shared that the person in question was always willing to lend a helping hand. Trudgeon recalls how even when the produce was going bad, the person would give it away to those who needed it.

“He exuded a vibrant personality and was the center of attention at any gathering. He enjoyed having a good time and possessed a warm and generous nature.”

Jim Dudes and Luchetti hit it off when they first met in high school, quickly becoming the best of friends.

According to Dudes, from Newton, Luchetti is a larger than life figure who was instrumental in getting him into the produce business. Dudes remembers Luchetti as someone who had an incredible presence and charisma. Whenever he walked into a room, he would light it up with his energy and enthusiasm.

Jim Dudes is the subject of the given text.

According to a Facebook user, Luchetti was a beloved member of the community and known as “the best flirt in town.”

During their road trip to Florida for spring break, Dudes shared a memorable story about Luchetti. After hours of driving, Luchetti finally allowed Dudes to take the wheel.

As Dudes reminisced, he recounted a time when he had been driving for four hours while Joe lay in the back of the truck. Suddenly, there was a loud honk and Dudes turned around to see Joe, his face flushed and his hands behind his head, with his armpits painfully sunburnt from the journey.

It’s evident that Luchetti’s trip was quite uneventful as he couldn’t do much during that time.

Dudes couldn’t stop laughing as he reminisced about the hilarious moments they experienced. “I could spend hours recounting all the crazy things we did,” he exclaimed with a smile.

According to Dudes, throughout the years, there was one thing that remained unchanged for Luchetti: everyone adored him.

As we took him to different places, Joe Veg had a certain charm that drew people towards him. It was almost as if he had a magnetic personality that people couldn’t resist. People could sense his presence in the room and were naturally drawn to him.

According to Dudes, he has been receiving numerous calls from Luchetti’s friends and business associates in Utah, South Carolina, and the tri-state area, all inquiring about viewing details. He anticipates a considerable turnout for the event.

According to Dudes, “He was an amazing person and I am going to miss him dearly.”

The Smith-McCracken Funeral Home will be hosting a visitation from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 15.

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