Deadly incident in India as billboard collapses during rainstorm, leaving 4 dead and many injured

At least four individuals lost their lives and dozens sustained injuries after a massive billboard collapsed during a rainstorm in Mumbai, India. Furthermore, over 40 individuals are feared to be trapped as a result of this unfortunate incident, according to officials.

According to Reuters, the heavy rainstorm in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, brought along strong winds that led to the collapse of a billboard near Ghatkopar, an eastern suburb. The falling billboard damaged several residential buildings in its vicinity.

According to Devendra Fadnavis, deputy chief minister of Maharashtra state, at least 47 individuals have been rescued and hospitalized following the incident. In the meantime, an investigation has been launched, and rescue efforts are still ongoing.

According to Bhushan Gagrani, an official from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, 64 individuals have been injured and are currently receiving treatment at local hospitals (The New York Times).

Video footage circulating on social media captured the moment when the massive 100-foot billboard swayed and fluttered before ultimately collapsing, according to the report by the newspaper.

Emergency teams were seen in photos working at the wreckage site, using power tools to cut through the metal, according to the BBC.

According to the Times, Swapnil Khupte, a witness to the incident, stated that when the rains and wind intensified, he and his friends sought shelter at a nearby gas station. He further noted that a significant number of the individuals who were trapped under the billboard were women and children.

Khupte, in an interview with a local news agency, recounted how the cars, bikes, and people present at the scene became trapped. He expressed, “We offered assistance to those caught in the situation, helping them to free themselves and find a way out.”

According to Reuters, Mumbai’s airport experienced temporary flight delays.

Mumbai, home to over 18 million people, is situated on a peninsula surrounded by the sea, as reported by the Times . Similar to several other cities in India, Mumbai is susceptible to heavy flooding and rain-related incidents during the monsoon season, which typically spans from June to September.

According to the AP, heavy rainfall in South Asia is crucial for India’s rain-fed crops during the season. However, it often leads to significant damage.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her sorrow on Monday regarding the deaths, as reported by The Times of India.

“It is deeply saddening to learn about the unfortunate incident that took place in Mumbai this evening. A massive billboard collapsed during a dust storm, resulting in the loss of several lives and leaving many others trapped and injured,” expressed Banerjee on X, previously known as Twitter. “My heartfelt condolences go out to the families of the deceased, and my thoughts are with the survivors who are currently facing immense challenges.”

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