Crowd of Anti-Bullying Advocates Rally Behind Teenager Bullied for Brain Cancer

The national spotlight is shining on the “Anti-Bullying Gang”, a group that recently made headlines for their heartwarming display of support towards a Texas high school student who was being bullied due to their brain cancer diagnosis.

Since the tender age of six, Tayden Ybarra, a sophomore at Katy High School, has been fighting against astrocytoma. Despite having undergone two brain surgeries in the past, she is still undergoing treatment to this day.

Tammy Ybarra, Tayden’s mother, has reported that her daughter has been facing bullying ever since she was diagnosed.

According to her statements to Fox 26, children have been teasing her because of the way her eyes cross. One kid even intentionally tripped her.

Tayden expressed that children may believe that his condition is contagious and fear getting too close to him as a result.

On March 13, The Anti-Bullying Gang, an organization that extends support to victims of bullying, received a report about Tayden’s situation. The group wasted no time and headed straight to Katy High School to surprise and show solidarity with Tayden.

According to King Kyle Lee, the founder of the group, learning about the cancer diagnosis of the individual and the subsequent bullying they experienced was heart-wrenching. “It’s unimaginable to go through such a difficult situation, and then have people taunt and tease you,” he shared with the publication.

The school received a tremendous show of support as the group arrived in a fleet of luxurious cars, as captured in multiple videos.

The Anti-Bullying Gang Has Helped Over 50 Students

Tayden expressed his amazement, saying, “Whoa, those are a lot of nice cars!” He was surprised by the sight of the cars all lined up and ready to go.

Since its inception, the organization has aided more than 50 children. King Kyle Lee shared that rallying the faculty and students to assist victims takes only three minutes.

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