Court filing suggests Sen. Bob Menendez may shift blame to his wife in federal corruption trial

According to a recently unsealed court document, it is possible that Senator Bob Menendez may place the blame on his wife during his upcoming trial on political corruption charges. The document was made public after several news organizations, including ABC News, fought for its release.

The defense team filed the potential line of defense earlier this year in secret. This was done before the judge agreed to separate the trials of Menendez and his wife, due to Nadine Menendez’s undisclosed medical condition. The senator’s trial is set to commence on May 6th in Manhattan federal court.

Defense attorneys have suggested the possibility of Menendez testifying in his own defense and potentially implicating his wife. They argue that he could claim ignorance of her alleged illegal activities, suggesting that she kept information from him.

According to the filing, these explanations and the marital communications they rely on are likely to clear Senator Menendez of any wrongdoing by showing that he had no improper intentions. However, they may implicate Nadine by revealing that she withheld information from Senator Menendez or gave him the impression that nothing illegal was happening.

Menendez is facing allegations of accepting cash, gold bars, and various other perks from businessmen in New Jersey. These alleged bribes were reportedly given in exchange for official favors that would benefit both the businessmen involved and the governments of Egypt and Qatar. It is important to note that Menendez has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

Last month, the senator made the decision not to seek re-election for a fourth term as a Democrat in the upcoming fall.

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