Construction project on Elvis Presley Blvd. by TDOT suspended temporarily

The construction on Elvis Presley Boulevard is a project that has been causing frustration for drivers in the Mid-South, despite the general importance of infrastructure in the area. It’s a topic that’s been on everyone’s minds lately.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation recently released a statement clarifying that the ongoing construction may continue despite not being included in their current 10-year project plan. This means that locals may have to adjust to the construction for the time being.

According to TDOT, the projects on Elvis Presley Blvd. were part of their 2014-2016 Comprehensive Multimodal Program. However, due to unavailability of development at the time of funding, the allocated funds were directed towards other projects.

According to the state agency, they don’t have particular accounts where funds can be held until projects are ready for development. Instead, they utilize all their project dollars each year to avoid jeopardizing federal funding.

Sheila Mayes is finding it hard to believe that the announcement will not cause any delays in the construction process. The statement has left her with many questions regarding the future of the construction project.

She expressed her frustration towards the accidents that have caused significant damage to businesses and have been ongoing for a considerable amount of time, stating that it has been a chaotic situation.

For years, Mayes has been living and working alongside the construction site, and it has caused quite a headache for him.

Mack recounted an incident where he blew his tire just a few days ago. He mentioned that he had just gotten it fixed at a nearby location when the tire gave out.

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