Concerns raised by state and federal leaders regarding plans to house immigrant children in Mississippi

There are concerns being raised about the potential relocation of immigrant children to Mississippi. While nothing has been confirmed yet, some officials are proposing this idea.

The question of whether immigrant children will be accommodated at a former casino hotel in Tunica County is gaining the interest of both state and federal officials in North Mississippi.

Secretary of State Michael Watson confirmed that the rumors have turned into reality. He emphasized the need for immediate action, stating, “We are currently conducting thorough research to identify the parties involved and determine the appropriate measures to prevent this situation.”

Secretary of State Michael Watson has expressed his admiration for Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s letter to the Department of Health and Human Services.

She expresses concerns about the possibility of awarding a contract for the Mississippi site, particularly highlighting the potential cost burden on local and state governments.

Watson concurs.

“I’ve received inquiries about…but these are children,” he explained. “Indeed, they are. I would also extend my love and care to them, as it is my duty as a Christian. However, this responsibility does not fall upon the government. We cannot compel the government to take action that individuals may choose to do voluntarily. It is not the government’s role. Our focus is on ensuring that Mississippi is not burdened with the financial cost of such endeavors.”

Patricia Ice, the Legal Project director of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, plays a crucial role in advocating for the rights of immigrants in Mississippi.

“These young individuals require a secure environment,” she pointed out. “The young individuals arriving from foreign countries also need a safe haven. Mississippi is favorable in this regard due to its rural setting and low-key nature.”

However, she has concerns about the potential drawbacks of the location.

“I have a concern regarding the program’s location in a rural area,” expressed Ice. “I am worried about the accessibility of hospitals and other essential services. Nevertheless, I have heard that when the casinos were established, they provided numerous services to the community. However, I am uncertain about the current situation since the casino has closed down. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that the young individuals participating in these programs have the potential to greatly contribute to the community’s development.”

Secretary Michael Watson stated that his office intends to emulate the actions of Hyde-Smith’s office by sending a letter to HHS.

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