Community helps Prairie Song Rescue save over 60 dogs

WILSALL (MOCOBIZ) —Prairie Song Rescue in Park County took immediate action when they discovered that close to 60 dogs were living in deplorable conditions and in need of urgent care.

According to Jessica Zimmerman, president of Prairie Song, there were community members who had been aware of this man and had been consistently calling law enforcement and animal control in order to address the issue for several years. She mentioned that a couple of individuals from the community reached out to them right away.

According to Zimmerman, when the owner was unexpectedly sent to prison, the responsibility of caring for the 58 dogs on his property fell onto their shoulders.

Despite facing these challenges, Prairie Song and their partners have successfully managed to remove a majority of the dogs and have already found loving homes and foster families for more than three-quarters of them. However, there is still more work to be done.

According to Zimmerman, there are still approximately 15 cats that cannot be adopted into homes due to medical reasons or because they are too scared and semi-feral. These cats are not yet mentally and emotionally ready to be in a home environment.

Prairie Song operates as a nonprofit organization, relying heavily on the support of donations and volunteers to carry out their important work.

Zimmerman expresses her gratitude for the overwhelming support they received during the challenging project. She acknowledges the immense help they received from various individuals, emphasizing that their contribution was vital in accomplishing the task. Without the support of these individuals, Zimmerman believes that they would not have been able to successfully complete the project.

If you want to contribute to the Prairie Song rescue effort, you can visit their website.

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