CNN uncovers reports of Palestinian prisoners being subjected to torture and beatings in Israeli prisons, as revealed by whistleblowers.

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Whistleblowers from an Israeli prison have made allegations that Palestinian detainees are being subjected to torture and physical abuse, as reported by CNN’s chief global affairs correspondent, Matthew Chance.

“They completely dehumanized them,” revealed a whistleblower who worked as a medical professional within the facility.

The Israel Defense Forces swiftly denied the allegations, asserting that they thoroughly investigate and address any claims of misconduct by IDF soldiers. However, Israeli officials declined CNN’s request to visit the Sde Teiman facility.

According to eyewitness accounts, CNN has shared a 3D video model of a field hospital located in Sde Teiman. The witnesses reported distressing conditions, stating that Palestinian prisoners were found handcuffed to their beds, wearing diapers, and having to rely on straws to eat.

According to an anonymous source who spoke to CNN, envisioning oneself in a state of immobility, unable to witness their surroundings, and completely vulnerable, can be an incredibly distressing experience. The source goes on to suggest that this scenario may even be considered a form of psychological torture.

According to another whistleblower, he received orders to conduct medical procedures on detainees that exceeded his qualifications, and all without the administration of anesthesia.

He expressed his concern about the situation, stating that when patients complained about pain, the healthcare providers would simply administer paracetamol. This made him feel complicit in the abuse that was happening.

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