Clinton man charged with cocaine possession in Hancock County, Illinois

A man from Clinton, Iowa has been arrested by the Hancock County sheriff’s office in Carthage, Illinois for cocaine possession.

A concerned citizen contacted the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at 3:57 PM on October 24th, reporting a vehicle with no license plates driving at high speed towards the north on Illinois 336. This information was disclosed in a news release.

Upon receiving the report, the deputies promptly headed to the designated area and successfully tracked down the vehicle in question. It was discovered that the suspect vehicle was recklessly speeding at a rate of 121 MPH, exceeding the legal limit of 65 MPH.

During the traffic stop, the deputies noticed drug paraphernalia in clear view inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment. To assist, an officer from the Carthage Police Department arrived, and they proceeded to search the vehicle.

Upon investigation, the deputies were able to uncover a number of items including baggies containing a white powdery substance, baggies containing a crystallized substance, spoons coated with a white powdery substance, a baggie containing suspected psychedelic mushrooms, and the glass smoking pipe that was initially discovered.

During the field test, the substances were identified as containing cocaine, leading to the arrest of the driver, Thomas Walker. The 39-year-old resident of Clinton, Iowa was subsequently taken into custody and transported to the Hancock County Jail.

71.8 grams was the combined weight of all the substances that were found to contain cocaine during testing.  After his first court appearance, Walker was released with a notice to appear in accordance with the Illinois Safe-T Act.

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