Clayton County woman shares her terrifying experience of being hit by a car and thinking she was dying

Spann expressed her dissatisfaction with the way the police handled the incident, emphasizing that she felt her life was in danger. In an interview with Channel 2 Action News’ Tom Jones, she highlighted her dismay that the man responsible for the incident was never apprehended.

Spann recalls the terrifying moment when a loud boom echoed through the air as she stood outside the courthouse. The force of the explosion sent her flying, leaving her gasping for breath. From her hospital bed at Grady Hospital, she shares, “I genuinely believed I was on the brink of death. The fear was overwhelming.”

Upon arriving at the hospital, she was overwhelmed with the belief that her life was slipping away. In her own words, she recounted, “I flatlined once I got here.”

It was a terrifying experience for Spann when the SUV crashed into her, dragging her and trapping her underneath on May 3. The weight of the rear tire came down on her back, causing immense pain and fear.

Spann expressed his experience of being under the car while it was still running, stating that he could feel the intense heat, making him feel as if he was burning.

The crew had to come to the rescue of her and her friend, as her friend’s leg had gotten trapped under the SUV.

After the incident, Spann found herself grappling with a broken leg, a broken pelvis, and severe burns on her back. The excruciating pain she experiences renders her immobile. She is unable to walk or even turn herself, necessitating assistance every two hours.

On that day, she and two others found themselves outside the Clayton County Courthouse. It was then that 77-year-old Robert Lee Wells, according to the police, disregarded the barricades and proceeded to collide with a tree and a handicap sign before ultimately striking the victims. Astonishingly, Wells had no recollection of the incident, as stated by the Jonesboro police.

Spann officers allowing him to leave the scene with his daughter has angered her. She strongly believes that it was wrong for them to let him go.

According to police, Wells sustained injuries during the incident, which prevented him from being admitted to the jail. They also mentioned that he was cited for reckless driving.

Spann expressed her belief that the 77-year-old should never have been allowed to drive in the first place. According to the police, Wells’ daughter also shared her concerns about her father’s unsafe driving.

The police have now requested the state to review his license.

Spann emphasizes that simply acknowledging the situation is insufficient. “I want the public to understand that my sole desire is to obtain justice,” she asserts. “I want that man to be imprisoned, to face the consequences of his actions.”

Spann reveals that she has undergone three surgeries, with another one scheduled for Friday morning. Her presence at the courthouse was in order to challenge her eviction, and she mentions that the legal proceedings are currently being appealed.

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