City councilwoman suggests that the use of metal detectors could have prevented the tragic nightclub shooting in Atlanta

According to a city councilwoman in Atlanta, lives could have been saved if metal detectors were installed at a local nightclub.

In the bustling atmosphere of the Eleven 45 Lounge in Buckhead, tragedy struck as a gunman unleashed chaos, resulting in the tragic loss of two lives and leaving four others wounded.

Councilwoman Andrea L. Boone expressed her desire for metal detectors to be installed in all clubs throughout the city, as she informed Channel 2’s Michael Seiden.

According to her, addressing this growing problem requires a collective effort from the entire team. That’s why she is now gearing up to collaborate with business owners in order to find a viable solution.

“They lost two innocent lives due to a security failure,” she expressed with concern. “It should not have been possible for anyone to enter that establishment with a firearm, unless they were law enforcement personnel.”

As the chair of the city’s Public Safety Committee, Boone is dedicated to ensuring that nightclubs and bars prioritize the safety of their patrons.

According to her, numerous businesses have been operating illegally since the pandemic hit.

According to her, there are many individuals who lack insured and secure bonding for their safety. Additionally, some of them are running their businesses with expired alcohol and business licenses.

According to a recent open records request, Austin Police Department (APD) has only been called to the lounge for two shooting incidents since 2020, including the most recent one on Sunday.

Seiden made an attempt to contact the club, but he has yet to receive a response.

After the shooting, the management team released a statement expressing their heartfelt condolences.

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