Authorities say New Jersey man stole $1,700 worth of fuel from Delaware Wawa using a device

Mocobizscene- Last week, authorities in Delaware arrested a man from New Jersey for allegedly manipulating a gas pump to steal more than $1,700 worth of fuel.

Kelvin Giron-Brand, a 34-year-old resident of Paterson, was caught installing a unique device on a fuel pump at a Wawa in New Castle. This device allowed him to dispense large amounts of fuel at a significantly reduced cost, according to the Delaware State Police.

Troopers arrived at the Wawa gas station on Tuesday afternoon in response to a reported fuel theft. Upon arrival, they discovered Giron-Brand at one of the pumps, seated in a white Ford van.

Multiple Wawa gas stations in the area have been experiencing a series of diesel fuel thefts. Investigators have uncovered a pattern where perpetrators install devices on fuel pumps to carry out these thefts.

The Justice Department has recently unveiled additional resources to tackle the issue of violent crime in Washington, DC.

The Delaware State Police have reported that Kelvin Giron-Brand, a 34-year-old resident of Paterson, N.J., is accused of stealing $1,700 worth of fuel from a pump at a Wawa gas station.

During the inspection, authorities discovered one of these devices in the fuel pump being used by Giron-Brand. Additionally, officers found multiple containers in his work van that held over $1,700 worth of fuel.

Authorities said that troopers found a device installed on the pump that Giron-Brand was using to pilfer significant amounts of fuel at a fraction of the regular cost (Delaware State Police).

According to authorities, Giron-Brand was able to purchase the fuel at a significantly reduced price, paying less than $20, thanks to the manipulation device.

Giron-Brand was apprehended without any resistance. He faces a series of serious charges, including felonies such as shoplifting over $1,500, possession of burglary tools or instruments intended for disabling security systems, and second-degree conspiracy.

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