Cheney warns Iowa audience that a second Trump term would be disastrous for America

Liz Cheney, a former GOP leader in the U.S. House and a prominent critic of former President Trump, firmly believes that the U.S. Supreme Court should dismiss Trump’s assertions of legal immunity as president. She argues that he should be held accountable and face trial for the federal election conspiracy charges.

“It is unacceptable for a president of the United States to try and overturn an election, seize power, and for our justice system to be unable to hold him accountable before the next election,” stated Cheney passionately during her recent participation in a Drake University lecture series.

In 2021, Cheney held the third highest position among Republicans in the U.S. House. She made the decision to vote in favor of impeaching Trump, which ultimately led to her defeat in the following year’s reelection by a fellow Republican. Cheney has expressed her intention to embark on a nationwide campaign this year, focusing particularly on swing states, with the aim of opposing Trump.

“I do have policy disagreements with the Biden Administration. I understand that our country can withstand the impact of bad policies. However, what concerns me the most is a president who is willing to disregard the Constitution,” Cheney stated, as the crowd erupted in applause.

During an on-stage interview conducted by the executive editor of The Denver Post, Cheney expressed her belief that defeating Trump in 2024 should not be the sole objective. She emphasized the need for everyone to actively participate and not remain mere bystanders. Cheney highlighted the significance of collective action, stating, “I can discuss my own plans, but it is crucial to focus on what each one of us must contribute.”

In a written statement released prior to Cheney’s appearance, Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann expressed his strong disapproval of her actions, accusing her of deceitfully promoting an agenda that undermines the party and drives GOP voters away.

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