Chef remains determined after his restaurant is destroyed by fire

Jay John, the owner of the renowned Jamaican restaurant Dat Fire Jerk Chicken, has always possessed the resilience to conquer life’s challenges.

His upbringing is solely responsible for his achievements.

John proudly attributes his success to his Jamaican heritage, stating, “That comes from my great Jamaican parents. We’re a small island, but we do big things across the world.”

Chef John is an alumnus of Clark Atlanta University, located just a stone’s throw away from his restaurant.

After nine years of hard work, his restaurant Dat Fire Jerk Chicken, located along Northside Drive in Southwest Atlanta, was engulfed in flames over the weekend. Despite his significant accomplishments in the area, this unfortunate incident has left him devastated.

John recounted that the fire in their smoke shack began unexpectedly around midday. He mentioned that they were in the midst of cooking food for the day when the fire ignited and quickly escalated.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

Although the building may no longer be standing, the chef’s food truck continues to thrive, attracting a multitude of dedicated and faithful customers.

Customer Mariah Durrah expressed her sadness over the incident and emphasized her commitment to showing support in the best way possible.

The chef has expressed his determination to continue cooking and operating out of the truck as he rebuilds.

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