Charges filed against Evansville woman for failure to seek medical attention for injured infant

During an interview with Eyewitness News, a woman from Evansville was arrested for neglect charges. She was accused of not taking her one-month-old baby to the hospital for treatment of second-degree burns.

Police records indicate that Mary Neighbors, a 23-year-old mother, left her son Cameron Neighbors at a relative’s residence on June 7th, while she went camping in Boonville for the weekend. Upon returning, Mary picked up Cameron on June 9th, and the following day, she messaged the relative who had been taking care of him, questioning why there was a mark on his elbow.

According to sources, DCS was informed by neighbors that the victim was taken to a doctor’s appointment on June 11. However, upon direct contact with the doctor’s office, DCS discovered that this information was false. When questioned about her failure to report the injury to DCS, Neighbors admitted that she was afraid they would take the victim away from her.

Neighbors faced charges of neglecting a dependent and was able to leave custody after posting a bond worth $500.

Following her release, Neighbors and her family spoke with Eyewitness News to discuss the events that transpired.

Neighbors has acknowledged that she provided false information to DCS regarding the doctor’s appointment. Her reason for doing so was due to the fear of losing custody of Cameron. She has stressed that she harbors no intention of causing harm to her own child.

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