Charge against wife of Clayton County murder suspect dropped by judge

During a hearing on Wednesday, the woman accused of killing her husband’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child had one of her charges dropped.

According to Brianna Winston’s family, dropping the charge against her despite the prosecution’s substantial evidence is not justified, as reported by Tom Jones from Channel 2.

During a court hearing on Wednesday, Brienna Phillips-Edwards, who is 21 years old, appeared virtually in front of Judge Latrevia Kates Johnson in Clayton County. The judge dismissed the charge of party to the crime of murder against her.

According to Johnson, Phillips-Edwards’ involvement in the crime seems to have come after Winston’s murder. However, prosecutors hold a different perspective and claim that she was present during the murder and made an attempt to conceal it.

According to Detective Traci Moore’s testimony, he was inside while she waited in the car.

Moore clarified that Mr. Edwards intentionally left his phone at his mother’s house in Georgia to give the impression that he was still there.

During the trial, Moore testified that while Edwards was in jail, he had asked his wife to dispose of evidence.

According to Phillips-Edwards’ lawyer, the phone call does not provide any substantial evidence.

According to defense attorney Kirby Clements, there is no indication that Phillips-Edwards was aware of her husband’s intention to strangle Winston.

“He said that being a party to a crime cannot stand as a matter of law.”

Upon consideration, the judge concurred and ultimately dropped the charge.

In her ruling, Johnson stated that although she believes the individual in question did participate, it was only after the fact. She made it clear that this was her stance on the matter.

The prosecutors have confirmed that they are planning to request a grand jury to indict Phillips-Edwards on the charge of being a party to a crime.

Phillips-Edwards is still accused of conspiracy to commit a crime and tampering with evidence.

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