Celtics can start contemplating championship after achieving first quest of reaching NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics achieved a significant milestone on Monday night as they made their way back to the NBA Finals.

Now, the team is setting its sights on an even greater goal, one that has remained out of reach for over ten years – winning the franchise’s 18th championship.

Boston Celtics have had a remarkable run, making it to six conference titles in just eight seasons. However, it is surprising to note that this is only the second time they have reached The Finals during this period. This is quite unusual for a team with such a successful track record. Furthermore, the Celtics’ recent drought of 16 years without an NBA title is the second-longest in the history of the franchise. It is clear that Boston is eager to end this dry spell and bring home another championship.

This season has been nothing short of remarkable, and achieving this would be the ultimate crowning achievement.

“Boston boasts an exceptional team, leading the league from start to finish,” praised Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle following his team’s 4-0 sweep in their first conference finals appearance since 2014. “They were determined to wrap things up swiftly. Their shot-blocking prowess, ability to secure offensive rebounds, and clutch shooting were remarkable.”

Boston has been exceptional in every aspect during this year’s playoffs.

The Celtics have been on a winning streak, claiming victory in seven consecutive games. They have displayed their dominance on the road, remaining undefeated with a 6-0 record. In Game 4 against Indiana, they once again showcased their resilience with a remarkable comeback, securing a 105-102 triumph. Furthermore, the Celtics have proven their ability to thrive under pressure, emerging victorious in all three elimination games they have faced. As the regular season drew to a close, they managed to defeat Indiana on three occasions, mounting impressive comebacks in the final moments of the last two games. These spectacular efforts not only brought an end to the Pacers’ flawless playoff run at home, but also marked the conclusion of their season.

The next team to face off in the Western Conference finals will either be the Dallas Mavericks or the Minnesota Timberwolves. Currently, the Dallas Mavericks hold a commanding 3-0 lead in the series and have the opportunity to secure their spot in the next round on their home court on Tuesday night.

Boston has been receiving assistance from various sources.

Jayson Tatum’s impressive performances in two games, scoring 36 points each, and coming close to a triple-double in Game 4 gained a lot of attention. However, it was 37-year-old Al Horford who surprised everyone by sinking seven 3-pointers in Game 3. Despite battling illness, Jrue Holiday skillfully stole the ball from Andrew Nembhard. And in Game 4, Derrick White sealed the victory with a crucial go-ahead 3-pointer. Yet, amidst all these standout performances, it was Jaylen Brown who received the well-deserved title of series MVP, bringing genuine happiness to the team.

“I never saw it coming,” remarked Brown, reflecting on his omission from the all-NBA teams. However, as time has passed and I’ve reached this point, I’ve grown indifferent. It doesn’t matter to me who sees what, as long as my team, my city, and my family recognize my worth. That’s all that truly matters to me.”

The Celtics are well aware of the crucial role Brown plays on their team. Without him, they would definitely be in a different position.

With just six minutes remaining in the game, Boston found themselves trailing by eight points. However, Jaylen Brown stepped up and showcased his skills, scoring an impressive 29 points and securing six rebounds. Brown’s performance was crucial in Boston’s comeback, as he helped erase the deficit. Furthermore, the defense forced two turnovers, and in a crucial moment, Brown displayed his defensive prowess with a brilliant block on Nembhard. This block set the stage for White’s game-winning shot, sealing the victory for Boston.

Holiday’s response spoke volumes, especially considering his recent NBA championship win with the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2020-21 season.

“I believe it’s even more impressive that he didn’t anticipate it. It demonstrates that it wasn’t a priority for him,” Holiday expressed. “His focus was solely on winning, regardless of the sacrifices or the time it took. That’s what mattered most to him. And I truly believe that individuals who possess such a mentality and mindset are the ones who ultimately reap the rewards for their efforts.”

Holiday gets it.

In September, the Bucks traded him to Portland in exchange for Damian Lillard, leaving him uncertain about his future. Just four days later, the Celtics struck a deal with the Trail Blazers to acquire this two-time All-Star and exceptional defender. Their hope was that he would contribute to their pursuit of a championship.

The Celtics’ decision to invest in Holiday has paid off handsomely thus far. Now, with the potential return of starting center Kristaps Porzingis from a strained right calf that has sidelined him since April 29, Boston has a chance to achieve even greater success.

“We didn’t achieve our ultimate goal last year, losing in the conference finals,” Tatum acknowledged. “However, we’ve taken all the lessons we learned from that experience and applied them to this season and the postseason, and it’s been yielding great results.”

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