CASA teaches law enforcement about trauma-informed care

Area law enforcement agencies are participating in a two-day training session hosted by CASA of South Mississippi aimed at educating them about trauma-informed care.

The ongoing objective of the organization is to assist at-risk children in south Mississippi.

Through a program developed by TCU’s Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, these officers are acquiring the skills necessary for trust-based relational intervention.

The four primary skills emphasized in TBRI are centered around comprehending trauma, empowering, connecting, and correcting principles.

In essence, officers are trained to perceive the effects of trauma, assist children in coping with traumatic experiences, and comprehend behaviors that are associated with childhood trauma.

In the program, Amanda Purvis, the training and consultation manager, sheds light on the significant impact of trauma-informed care on a child’s life even well into adulthood. Meanwhile, Captain Shane Ogburn shares his valuable insights and key learnings from the program.

Purvis emphasized the importance of breaking the cycle of trauma and preventing its recurrence. She explained that changes in brain, body, and biology can result in altered behavior. Instead of solely punishing negative behavior, she advocated for understanding the underlying need and finding ways to fulfill it. By addressing the root cause of the behavior, Purvis believes that children can be taught better ways to meet their needs in the future.

Captain Ogburn emphasized the crucial role that officers play in the broader community. He stated, “We can definitely improve the situation by establishing initial contact with the community members and assuring them of our support. After that, we can collaborate with our partners in various other sectors of the community.”

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Before returning to their respective stations to share their newfound knowledge with their departments, these officers will undergo one more day of comprehensive learning.

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