Canine Proudly Presents Mom with Various Items as She Takes a Bath

Lucy, a delightful mix of golden retriever and Labrador, was rescued by Joy Kauffman a year ago. True to the nature of many rescued animals, Lucy displays her gratitude in the most charming way possible. Every day, Lucy delights Joy with her endearing habit of bringing her “gifts.” While some of these offerings prove to be quite useful, most of them are simply hilarious. Lucy’s favorite time for gift-giving is when Joy is enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub, and that’s when the dog surprises her with an assortment of items.

Lucy is a proud member of a loving family residing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her two furry siblings, Floki, a delightful blend of red heeler and pitbull, and Daisy, a cheerful Labrador and pit mix, complete their happy home. The account, curated by Joy, captures the beautiful moments that define their joyful doggie lives.

Lucy excels in the art of gift-giving, especially during Joy’s bath time. While the occasion may be Lucy’s preferred time to showcase her skills, her generosity extends beyond that. In the initial video, Lucy surprises Joy with a blanket and a paper plate, leaving fans utterly charmed by her adorable gesture. Their request for a sequel was met with enthusiasm as Joy happily shared the second video.

Lucy, a golden retriever, and Labrador mix, has inherited the trait of “retrieving” from both of her parent breeds. This natural talent has manifested itself in various ways, as she has been known to retrieve not only typical items such as pillows, blankets, and dog toys but also random objects like pieces of paper and even a plastic container. Lucy’s ability to retrieve is a testament to her innate skills and her strong genetic lineage.

Just like many other dog families on TikTok, these three dog siblings also take part in various challenges. While Floki may not have enjoyed the tape challenge, the girls did exceptionally well. Joy, being a wonderful dog mom, lovingly tucks in her babies every night. If you’re interested, you can find and follow this delightful mixed breed family here. And who knows, maybe we’ll get to witness more adorable dog gifts in the tub from Lucy in the future!

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