Can You Guess the Richest City in South Carolina?

What are the wealthiest cities and towns in South Carolina? With a plethora of riches in South Carolina, one region stands out among the rest. Forbes conducted a study to identify the most affluent areas in the state by examining over 400 towns, also called census-designated places. The study ranked the cities according to four criteria: median household income, mean household income, median home value, and median property taxes paid.

The top five spots that made the cut are all located in the same region of South Carolina, and it’s no secret that it’s near the coast. While I won’t reveal the surprise just yet, Forbes has named these five cities and towns as the richest in 2023. If you’re interested in learning more about each of these locations, you’ll find additional information below. Additionally, you can also discover details about the top 50 places near Charlotte.

Let me know if you have some extra cash to spare and reside in any of these places or cities. If you have any queries that you want to know more about, feel free to reach out to me.

Kiawah Island

    • Total  Household: 1,028
    • Median Household Income: $216,750
    • Mean Household Income: $366,392

Kiawah Island, a vacation destination in South Carolina, boasts the title of the wealthiest city in the state. With its breathtaking ocean, lush golf courses, and stunning resort, it’s not hard to see why anyone would dream of living in this paradise.

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Sullivan’s Island

    • Total Households: 832
    • Median Household Income: $157,743
    • Mean Household Income: $259,204

Ranked second on this list, Sullivan’s Island is conveniently located just outside of Charleston. This beach town is also known for its affluent residents.

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DeBordieu Colony

    • Total Households: 364
    • Median Household Income: $212,574
    • Mean Household Income: $233,460

DeBordieu Colony stands as one of the oldest beach towns on the East Coast in the Georgetown, SC area.

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