California District Attorney: Train passengers failed to intervene in assault on girl by creepy man

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday that a man from San Francisco has been found guilty of assaulting a teenage girl on a Muni train in 2023. This conviction follows a disturbing incident that took place on May 4, 2023, where multiple passengers witnessed the assault but chose not to intervene.

After the incident, the traumatized victim and her father wasted no time in reporting the crime to the San Francisco Police Department. As a result of their prompt action, Sessions was arrested on June 6, 2023. The Assistant District Attorney took over the case and began the legal proceedings.

Attorney Tanisha Gooch praised the bravery of the young survivor, emphasizing that it was their courage that led to justice being served in this case. Gooch emphasized the importance of ensuring that children feel safe while using public transportation and expressed a firm stance against tolerating such behavior in the city.

The case has brought attention to worries about public safety on public transportation and the bystander effect, where witnesses do not intervene during a crime.

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