Bus hijacking suspect spoke to Channel 2 just before shooting, revealing he was not taking his medication

Channel 2 Action News uncovered a link between two significant incidents in the Atlanta metropolitan area on Wednesday. These incidents include a mass shooting at a downtown Atlanta food court and a bus hijacking, chase, and murder that took place in three counties.

Moments before the bus hijacking, Joseph Grier, a 39-year-old suspect, was present as a witness of the shooting.

During his conversation with reporters, he openly confessed that he had not been taking his medication.

Grier openly stated, “I’m bipolar and I want you to know that. Unfortunately, I haven’t been taking my medication for the past couple of weeks.”

Keren Antoine shared that her father’s experience driving the bus felt like a lifetime to him, even though it had only been two hours.

As she recounted the events, she vividly recalled the moment when her father received the urgent instructions to drive without stopping. “He told my dad to just keep driving, and not to stop for anything,” she said. Her voice was filled with emotion as she relived the tense and uncertain moments of that day.

According to her, her father’s main concern was the individuals aboard the vessel.

“He always put the people first,” she emphasized. “His primary responsibility was to ensure their safe return, even if it meant risking his own life.”

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