Bruce Willis Demonstrated Generosity on the Set of ‘Armageddon’ by Hosting Weekly Giveaways for the Crew to Win Extra Cash

According to Bruckheimer, Bruce is a genuinely kind person. He displayed his generosity towards the crew by participating in cash giveaway drawings. Bruce would contribute a substantial amount of money to the pot, allowing crew members to walk away with some extra cash by the end of the week if they were lucky enough to win.

“I absolutely think he’s amazing,” expressed Arnold Schwarzenegger when asked about Willis in May. “He has been a tremendous star for years, and his legacy will always be that of a great and kind-hearted man. I understand that due to his health condition, he had to retire. However, in general, action heroes never truly retire, they simply reload.”

Both Schwarzenegger and Willis starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in two films, “The Expendables” and “The Expendables 2.”

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