A 36-year-old Brooklyn mother was brutally stabbed and her poodle was thrown out!

Mocobizscene- Andre Eugene, 36, is suspected of carrying out a horrific attack in a terrifying Brooklyn high-rise that resulted in the death of his mother, Donna Hyman, and the catastrophic injuries of their cherished poodle, Gigi. Police found Hyman’s lifeless body and the severely injured pet in their 11th-floor apartment in the 1500 block of Hornell Loop, the scene of the horrific incident.

According to the authorities, Eugene, a former paraprofessional at a nearby Brooklyn school, stabbed his mother, 58, 56 times, striking her in critical places, including the heart. The family dog, Gigi, was also subjected to cruelty; she was stabbed several times and then tossed out of the apartment window, dying in front of the building.

Law enforcement officials arrived at the scene on January 19 at around 7 p.m. and were met with a terrifying sight. When discovered bloody and nude, Eugene said his mother had killed herself and the dog’s terrible fall had been an accident. Notwithstanding these assertions, a forensic veterinarian attested to the intentional injury done to Gigi, pointing to several stab wounds all over its body.

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